Joy Nack Story Teller
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Joy Nack story teller Dramatic, Dynamic with a lot of Heart
"Joy's storytelling is a breath of fresh air, very vivacious."
-- Sue Hinkel, professional storyteller and teacher.


My lively storytelling and puppetry are dynamic, dramatic and right from the heart! Children as well as grown ups are delighted by my exciting shows! Come smile, laugh and maybe even cry -- you'll leave my performance feeling great!

Joy Nack story teller

I'm a former teacher, singer with theater experience and a published writer. Now I write many of my own stories for my storytelling programs and puppet shows. I perform for libraries, schools, senior centers, parties, festivals and corporations. In addition to my many exciting puppetry and storytelling programs I can produce custom-made shows.



Joy Nack Puppet

Business phone:  (314) 910-8480