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That was awesome! You're the best puppet show I
ever saw in my whole life! The funniest part was were
Spot and Rex had the contest. That really made me laugh!
-- Jake, Kindergartner

Joy is marvelous at quickly drawing the listener
totally and completely into the enchanting world
of her stories.
--Lynn Beetner, President of Riverwind Storytellers,
Professional Storyteller and Teacher

I have had the honor of attending a number of Joy Nack's performances. As a speech communications teacher and coach (including the events of storytelling and original oratory) I have heard very few performances that compare with the wit, heart and life she incorporates within her storytelling. She is able to transport the audience to the time period of her piece. The characterizations are outstanding and she is able to preserve the mood of the author.
--Timothy L. Horton, Speech Debate Teacher


Joy has done story time with our children at the YWCA on two occasions and we hope to bring her back again. Her stories are fun, interesting and exciting. She really has a way of capturing her audience and holding on to them with her every word. There was so much laughter in the room that I don't know who enjoyed it more, the students or staff; but I do know neither was ready to let her go.
--Jennifer Vaughn, Program Specialist YWCA School Age Program, St. Louis

Joy's telling is overflowing with both fun and touching tales. She has a remarkable talent as a storyteller for writing her life-experiences into vivid, heart-warming and comic tales to delight all listeners. I laughed and cried, hearing the delightful stories told with such artistry and style. I can't wait to hear more from this gifted storyteller.
--Margie Hamlin, Children's Librarian

Joy Nack captivates and charms her audience through her expressive and dramatic telling of children's stories and poems.
--Dorothy Halverson, Preschool/Kindergarten Director

I like all the stories. They were all fun! My best story was the one about the alligator!
-- Matty, Kindergartner

Joy's storytelling is a breath of fresh air, very vivacious.
--Sue Hinkel, Executive Director of MO-TELL (Missouri Storytelling Organization), Professional Storyteller and Teacher

Joy Nack's work is anchored firmly in the oral tradition so valuable to our culture — highly reminiscent of Mark Twain.
--Nita Howton, College English Professor

The joy of her telling is in her knack for the telling. Her stories from the heart are truly from the heart. They're poignant and well thought out.
--Lucy Grondahl, President of Gateway Storytellers and Professional Storyteller

I have had the pleasure of hearing Joy's storytelling on a number of occasions. Her energy, style, and enthusiasm captivate her audience in all settings. She maintains her spark regardless of the type of story — whether humorous, a character study or a personal experience story — she holds the audience's full-attention. I highly recommend Joy Nack's storytelling for any audience.
--Barbara Horton, Special Education Teacher

Joy kicked off our summer reading program this year and was a huge success. We had around 80 fidgety preschoolers who immediately calmed down and listened and responded to her stories and puppet adventures. I would recommend Joy for any library program and would hire her again.
--Kay Schuette, Children's Librarian

You really remind me of Shari, you know, Shari Lewis with Lamb Chop.
--Teacher for the YWCA after school program in St. Louis

Business phone:  (314) 910-8480